• Cloud Back Up Services

    Small to Large Companies face a number of important challenges when it comes to the protection of their virtual servers and critical business data. Territory Technology Solutions & Veeam provide agentless backup and disaster recovery for virtualised and physical environments using Veeam Backup & Recovery paired with Veeam Cloud Connect.


Pricing and Licensing


Monthly Fees 12 Month Contract
500GB $55.00
1,000GB $99.00
2,000GB $190.00
4,000GB $370.00
5,000GB $459.00
7,000GB $640.00
8,500GB $775.00
10,000GB $910.00
12,000GB $1090.00
15,0000GB $1360.00

Monthly Server Licensing

$18.50 per Virtual Machine
$16.50 per Physical Workstation
$19.50 per Physical Server

Territory Technology Solutions provide assisted data export either via an onsite visit or remotely via the internet connection (performance dependent).

Assisted Transfer (via Internet Connection) $300
Assisted Transfer (via Onsite visit and export) $600



All Pricing excludes GST. Pricing is valid as at November 2018 and may be subject to change.

Note: vBackup Cloud Backup for Veeam is a cloud service provided by Territory Technology Solutions / Arafura Connect. It is designed to work with Veeam Cloud Connect and Veeam Backup and Replication.


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